How would you make the Pokémon games harder?

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How would you make the Pokémon games harder?

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NPCs have 6IV Pokémon all created with competitive moves, abilities, appropriate EV spread, and items — with fan sites like Smogon all you have to do is pull the custom Shiny Pokemon table and insert it into a dynamic database. With that, NPC's would battle competitively with the exact same A.I. from PWTs' Download Challenges. Also, NPC's Pokémon can reach level 150, nevertheless, the Player is capped at 100.

Gyms are met using a reception in which you have to opt for the limited number of Pokémon which can be allowed and like Sun and Moon after you enter the Gym, it's not possible to leave soon you defeat the Gym or are defeated. Gyms won't be centered around one type, instead, it's determined by Egg Group This way, you simply can't fully plan for a gym, as it would be no longer one type you may sweep.

Lastly, to challenge the Elite Four as well as the Champion, you're obligated to win the Pokémon League Tournament after defeating all 8 Gyms. Before the match, you can Buy Shiny Pokemon. You'll talk with 32 other trainers who have 8 badges. If you persevere and win, you get a ticket to challenge the Elite Four and also the Champion. If you lose, you'll participate in the PLT again.

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Coals are created from long-burning fires, it would make sense for them to exist in the fire elemental plane. Unburnt wood, not as much, thats an earth spell.